The 6 best Madewell jeans that work for everyone

He calls everyone Maduel stans. If you are a fan of the classic, well-made pieces of the brand, then you probably know well which perennial brackets are the most popular. There are so many things that the retailer fixes from it wardrobe brackets for his casual shoes and classic bags, but above all his choice of denim is on the first level.

After years of working as a stylist in the brand, a good friend of mine Zoe Thompson is well acquainted with Madewell’s offerings, especially the best-selling jeans, so I made her share the exact styles that she thinks work for everyone, regardless of your taste, age or budget. There are six pairs of Madewell jeans that she insists are real universal and eternal and works for everyone. Think of them as jeans that you will invest in now and that will become the backbone of your wardrobe for years to come. Yes, they are so good. Keep reading and, of course, shopping for each of the styles she recommends, and get inspired by how we would style each one.

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