The S-70 unmanned warship is approaching the prototype stage

Russia’s upcoming unmanned combat aircraft is about to enter its prototype, making its debut in the country The television station of the Ministry of Defense, Television Star.

The video (included below) is also the most in-depth analysis of the new aircraft, called the UCHAV Sukhoi S-79 Okhotnik, that has ever reached the public.

The upcoming Russian Hunter means “hunter” in English and is huge.

Russia’s upcoming UCAV is really big

The video shows new perspectives for the upcoming drones, including the flight operator management interface and internal payload compartments. In addition, the video offers exclusive windows in several details of the design and production process. The show that reviewed the new UCAV, called “Military Reception,” says the review is “Chapter 1,” suggesting that there may be subsequent episodes focused on the vehicle where there will be even more information. This Russian army initially discovered a stealth attacking drone in 2019, after its first flight, despite the fact that unofficial images have already appeared on social media. Since then, we’ve seen several more images released and an updated release and delivery schedule. After President Vladimir Putin concluded a meeting with the CEO of United Aircraft Corp. (UAC) on August 3, 2020, deliveries to the Russian Ministry of Defense were updated to a new ETA from 2024. At the time of writing, only one of the new drones has been completed, but at least three others may be in the process of being completed. work. The “Hunter” drone was described in the video segment as a “laboratory” by Russian officials, which is the conventional term for military assets that serve as a prototype.

Earlier reports in the Russian state media hinted that the second version, which is under construction, would be used mainly as a test site for research and development, similar to the first. But the third and fourth iterations may demonstrate something much closer to the final product, according to the TV segment. The most indicative of the design of the S-70 in the new shots is how incredibly big UCAV is. The reporter is on Television Star said the Hunter was smaller than the Su-57 Felon (advanced fighter jet), but during the show he walked from one of their wings to the drone to demonstrate that the wingspan was similar in size. .

The reporter walks from the wing of one fighter to another. Source: Television Star Shooting / YouTube

UCAV Hunter is reported to be able to carry air-to-air missiles

The production model of the S-70 Hunter will probably function semi-autonomously, as “loyal winged” connected in a network to fly in some formation with the Felon manned aircraft. In the shots, the appearance of the flying wing design has a nice close-up view.

Rear S-70
Rear of S-70 UCAV, with jet exhaust unit. Source: Television Star Shooting / YouTube

It reveals several intake and exhaust ports, in addition to the front camera and antennas. Engine exhaust is of unique interest because, like many other areas of the aircraft, it would reduce its stealth capabilities, as many sections interrupt the smooth profile at right angles, thus creating radar signature.

The internal compartments are reported to be carrying some kind of air-to-air missile to The disk, but nothing was confirmed, as the Russian information service was banned from showing the interior of the bay. We cannot say how the UCAV “Hunter” will rank against similar vehicles in other nations. Additional visualizations of a new stealth bomber in the United States were unveiled last month, but with different mission architectures, the two aren’t exactly comparable. One thing is for sure: Russia is approaching the next generation of stealth and unmanned technologies.

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