Vanderbilt University has named Stacie Pawlicki as the new Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship

If Vanderbilt University has it he announced Stacie Pawlicki will lead the Center for Entrepreneurship (C4E) as the new director.

After graduating from Vanderbilt in 2019, Pawlicki has a wealth of experience in the entrepreneurial world. Over the years, he has held leadership positions at various startup and growth companies such as InQuicker and Healthcare Bluebook. In addition to the important work the new director has done in sociology, he has also received his coaching certificate prior to the creation of Nessa Leaders, a company that provides a coaching service to a wide range of industry executives. Pawlicki, who will work with faculty director Michael Burcham, mentioned his role:

“There’s a tremendous opportunity to build on the foundation created at C4, to help current students, from being resources for alumni who want to start a business, to those who have created businesses, and to getting the Vanderbilt investment network.”

The announcement was made when C4E is in its sixth year to promote new and innovative businesses after boosting the growth of the on-campus entrepreneurial ecosystem. The center provides programs and resources for young entrepreneurs to continue their education in programs offered by universities and third parties. In this regard Pawlicki said:

“With Vanderbilt it’s amazing to expand the community beyond Nashville; so we’re going to ask them how we can build amazing things with the Nashville community but also with outsiders to help our students and alumni get started and help them move into the investment space. ”

Now, the new director will help the Vanderbilt community learn about the opportunities the center offers in terms of support for potential and new businesses. He also shared the belief that the future of the center should include inter-agency collaboration, enabling it to expand beyond the campus community.

With the experience of entrepreneurs and coaches, the Center for Entrepreneurship will ensure that it spreads its importance in the community, the next generation entrepreneurs get startups and businesses.

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