WhatsApp’s Outage The Telegram’s Gain

If you’ve been following the news, chances are you’ve heard about whether you’ve seen the discontinuation of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram passing. Although only down for a few hours, because of the millions of people using these apps, those few hours were like an eternity of inability to send or receive messages.

However, it seems that deleting the WhatsApp authentication worked in Telegram, WhatsApp competing with the available messaging. According to Telegram CEO Pavel Durov’s post on his way, the activity seems to have resulted in the acquisition of the status by up to 70 million new users.

According to the case, “The Telegram’s daily growth rate was higher than usual in a series of highs, and we received more than 70 million refugees from other states in a single day. proud of how our team has grown since Telegram has continued to work flawlessly for many of our users. ”

Some new users may be able to sign up regardless of their status on the WhatsApp network, but we believe the need to stay connected may have also increased the number of new signatures. Whether or not new users will continue to use these features is uncertain.

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