3 How to Install Windows 11 on a Supported PC, Bypass TPM 2.0

Windows 11 has arrived here, and one can install the first Insider Preview on any compatible computer (check the comparison ii). However, the new Windows brings many of the required features and supports only a few processes. This can be a bummer for users of older but powerful devices. However, Windows is Windows after all, and can be installed on different computers. Here’s how you can install Windows 11 Insider Preview on an unsupported PC.

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Install Windows 11 Insider Preview on an unsupported PC

Microsoft has confirmed the availability of TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot support for Windows 11. In addition, it supports only modern devices, including 8th gen and newer Intel chipsets. This is why many users and adults of their programs are facing problems with Windows 11 compatibility.

In one of our previous posts, we told you why your PC is not compatible with Windows 11 and repair the “This PC Cannot Run Windows 11” error. Go inside to see if signing in to your Microsoft account or enabling TPM and Secure Boot in the BIOS help list.

If you are able to pass the rating, write down below for steps on installing Windows 11 through the official Insider program. However, if your PC does not have a supportive software or something that the device requires, proceed with the methods listed below.

Method 1- Manual installation of Windows 11 Build

1. Start with, download the Windows 11 Insider Preview built from ii (pe ii).

2. When he has finished his table, right click the file ma take off in a simple file. Don’t see the option to remove? Install 7Zip or WinRAR on your computer.

3. Now, open the file system.

4. Click on the setup.exe file to start Windows 11 installation.

Install Windows 11 on an unsupported PC

5. Once the set is set up, accept license conditions to go to installation.

Install Windows 11 on an unsupported PC

6. And, choose “Keep your own files and programs” ma beat the other (to keep your data safe).

7. Once you are on the Ready to Install page, tap Install key to start installing Windows 11 on your device is not necessary.

Install Windows 11 on an unsupported PC

Update Microsoft Store

After you’ve installed Windows 11, it’s time to load the Microsoft Store because it’s missing the build. To do so, download the Microsoft Store installer from ii. Then, open the setup and select the Upgrade option to install the Pre -Store preview.

Install Microsoft Store on Windows 11

That’s it. Wait for the process to complete. This way, you can enjoy Windows 11 the unverified method without having to pass the same checklist.

Method 2- Regulatory registration

This method requires you to repair the registry and avoid the requirements for Windows 11. However, be sure to install the registry before you go, as Registry settings can damage your system. Proceed at your own risk.

And even if you start using built -in previews on an unsupported device, you’re more likely to go back to Windows 10 or update your system when Windows 11 is released to the public.

1. On your Windows device, open it Status and he went in Updates & Security > Windows Insider Software.

2. Now, click on it Start and contact your Microsoft Account. Make sure you are using the same stories you were used to register with the Microsoft Insider program.

3. Next, choose Preview Lighting Release and continue. At the end, tap Restart to complete the setup.

Optional route options: Download the registration file from here and open to use sets. Then you can pass directly to Step 9. Alternatively, you can create a registry file yourself by typing the following into notepad and saving it with a .reg extension:

Windows Registry Editor 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsSelfHostUISelection] “UIContentType” = “Mainline”
“UIRing” = “External”
“UIBranch” = “Dev”

BranchName “=” Dev “
“ContentType” = “Mainline”
“Mama” = “outside”

4. Once your PC restarts, click Win + R to open Run. Now, let’s say “Regulation”And pressed Ulufale.

5. Once the Registry Editor opens, select copy and paste HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft WindowsSelfHost UI Options at the registered address. You can also navigate manually in the Options section.

6. Right-click on Choice file side by side and coconut Send it out. Save on a space location of a button.

7. No, almost UIBranch and change its value record to Devil. Also, change the Sort of to the Mainline ma Mom to the Outside.

Install Windows 11 on the wrong computer

8. Now, close the Registry Editor and reboot your PC.

9. Once the device restarts, go to Status> Updates & Protection and see if your PC is registered with Windows Insider software under the Dev channel. Otherwise, select the “Dev channel.”

She, check for updates in places. You will now be able to find and update your computer with the Windows 11 Insider preview.

Update failed?

If the notification fails or says your PC is not supported, cancel and close the setup. Then, download it appraiserres.dll and copy to file C: $ WINDOWS. ~ BT Basic (change to original file when prompted). And, try updating via Windows Update.

Method 3- Using Text

The OffInsiderEnroll script uses conditions that do not have records from the Windows Insider program. You can sign up to the Insider program’s Dev channel on unsupported devices and work even with savings- you don’t even need to sign in with a Microsoft account.

1. Download from OfflineInsiderEnroll script from the GitHub website.

2. Once downloaded, right-click the text and click Run as Ruler.

3. A command window will open and ask you to select from available Windows Insider Program options.

4. Select Dev Channel by pressing the appropriate number, ie, ‘1’.

5. Newspaper Ulufale and restart your PC.

Finally, go to Windows Update settings and check for updates. You can now download and run the Windows 11 insider preview on your incompatible computer.

Remove the TPM 2.0 Requirements

You may get “This PC Can Run Windows 11” while trying to install Windows 11 on unsupported devices without TPM 2.0. However, you can bypass the TPM requirements with a simple registry manager, as mentioned below:

1. Newspaper Win + R to open Run. Sort of Regulation and press Ulufale.

2. Well, install the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM Set to the bar address or manually go to the Setup folder.

3. Now, right click and generate a new invite key LabConfig.

4. Inside LabConfig key, create two new DWORDs with the following values:

  • TPMCheck – 00000001
  • BypassSecureBootCheck – 00000001

5. Save and close the editor registry. Now try to install Windows 11.

News On TPM Required

Thankfully, you can now install Windows 11 even with the older TPM 1.2 module. Microsoft will allow you to change the registry key in Windows to allow upgrades, if you accept and understand the risks. All you have to do is follow the steps given below:

  1. Lavea Start and type Regulation and enter to open Registry Editor.
  2. Find out HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM Setup MoSetup at the registered address.
  3. Find the EnableUpgradesWithUnsupportedTPMOrCPU turn on
  4. Set its value to 1.

Another method is to convert the actual ISO file. To do so, you need to link the “appraiserres.dll” file to Source file with the same file from the Windows 10 ISO, then restore the image.

Bonuses- Install Windows 11 on supported devices

Install Windows 11 on supported devices

If your PC is compatible, you can visit and sign up for the Insider program under the Dev channel. Then, go to Status> Updates & Security> Windows Insider Program and contact your Microsoft account.

Once done, restart the device and check for internal updates Status> Updates & Security> Windows Update. You can probably get Insider built in now. Proceed with the update to install the latest Insider Preview built -in routines, just like other Windows updates.

Wrap it up

The three different ways to download and install the Windows 11 Insider preview update on a PC are unsupported or incompatible. Try them all, and let me know the one that worked for you in the stories. Also, please proceed with caution and be sure to back up any important data. Feel free to reach out through the comments in case of any doubts or questions.

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