8 emerging brands that are about to go viral

Name a person who does not like to reveal a new fashion brand. I’ll wait. Even before I became a fashion editor, I would be dizzy from the prospect of finding something new, knowing that not everyone will have it anymore, to see how the brand really comes out and to support smaller businesses in an industry that is largely dominated by big box brands. I did my mission highlight small and emerging brands in the past, attracting experts and our own editors for their findings. This time I’m looking at my wardrobes favorite celebrities to find the following tags It.

Maybe it’s just me, but celebrities are champions of emerging designers like never before this year. Whether it’s the camel-skinned leather ensemble Kendall Jenner wore to a date date, a pair of colorful patchwork pants that Hailey Bieber packed on her escape to Cabo, or the coat that was literally lifted off the track and onto Dua Lipa, the following The eight designers you will find seem to ignite the internet in one way or another. I will note that people who follow fashion events closely may be familiar with these names, but I think they will be a fun discovery for many.

Next, see the visions of the celebrities that make these brands take off, and then buy my favorite pieces of each.

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