Apia’s Anti-Tracking Feature Is Bad

One of the features that Apple unveiled earlier this year is a version of the latest iOS 14 the clear clarity of the App’s tracking. That is, a component is meant to give users the choice of whether they want a program to test them. Obviously when put that way, most users choose to opt out.

It’s like Facebook companies take a lot of issues and. However, it turns out that perhaps these companies may not need to worry too much at all. In a explored by Lockdown Privacy that was first picked up by The Washington Post, seems to suggest that the anti-search feature built into iOS is some kind of dud.

According to the study, researchers over a five -month period surveyed over ten apps in the App Store to see if the segment actually stopped searching as claimed.

“Using the open source Lockdown Privacy app and manuals, we found that App Tracking Transparency made no difference in the total number of other operating trackers, and had little effect on total number of other-party sequential communication attempts.We also confirmed that detailed data or machine learning data were sent to the researchers in almost all of the cases.ATT was not effective in stopping the third group, even though users explicitly select the question in Ask Questions Not to Search. ”

The study continues to point out that the feature can be dangerous because it can expose users to a false sense of security when they think it’s their privacy. They say the group’s fault is to rely on “dignity” and that management has the right to be honest. However, if developers see that other developers are lying, they don’t have to force them to come either.

Apple has already responded to the inquiry according to spokesman Fred Sainz, “Apple believes that tracking should be clear to users and under their control. If we find that the decision maker does not respect the user’s choice, we will work with the creator of the issue to discuss the issue, or they will remove it from the App Store. “

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