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There are some designers who enter our radar not only because of their cool approach to style, but also because they take a slower, more thoughtful approach when it comes to launching new products. The company for minimalist foundations of luxury Jenny Kane he is certainly one of them, although the calm pace may be due to the general chilled emotions of Los Angeles.

“We like to define ourselves as the best brand to live in California,” said Julia Hunter, Jenny Kane’s CEO. “Whether it’s a well-groomed wardrobe or timeless things for the home, we focus on inviting neutral, quality construction and attention to detail to create pieces you’ll love for years to come.” While $ 300+ sweaters aren’t my usual MO, I tested the brand’s famous Instagram Cashmere sequined vest, and now I fully understand the noise.

This style, while definitely expensive, is the kind of investment piece I plan to wear until I die. The sweater is an everyday luxury at its best and I know that I will wear it forever, because the first-class materials will last, the problem-free silhouette is tendentiously agnostic and is just hellishly comfortable to wear. “Cocoon is one of our best styles – sometimes it’s hard to even keep it in stock because it sells off season after season,” says Hunter. “To date, we have sold 49,000 cocoons and it has sold out five times! So far this year, Cocoon is selling three times more than the next best-selling style. “

If you swear by an extremely selected and versatile capsule wardrobe, Jenny Kane’s clothes are worth a closer look. Many of his biggest fans even admitted that they grabbed their favorite Jenny Kane sweater in many colors and wore it to bed: “I love this sweater so much, this is my second purchase / color. The ideal thing is to move jeans, a dress or honestly pajamas when you relax at home, “wrote a handy fanatic. And you can also put on your own Cocoon vest (or something from the brand, including Jenny Kane household goods and furniture) with the exceptional 15% discount for the REFINERY15 code throughout the site, valid until December 31, 2021..

Jenny Kane Cashmere cocoon vest,, $ 445 $ 378.25 (with promo code)

How the cocoon fits:

“Oversized” is quite an understatement when it comes to this vest – it is so large that you could probably order two sizes down and still achieve a soft cut. For reference, I’m 5’3 ″, I usually wear a medium top, size 26/27 bottom and I went with a small one in this cocoon. When laid flat, the box measures 25 ″ in diameter, which simple math tells us is a whopping 50 inches all the way when the little cardi is buttoned. (The cashmere cocoon vest is available in sizes XXS to 3X.) Drapery in every sense, the vest just hangs from my shoulders and cascades down to the top of my thighs, just above my thighs. The V-neckline goes too deep to wear only the cardigan, but some of the models on Jenni Kayne’s website show how the sweater can really be worn on its own.

Heat factor:

The relative weightlessness of the vest can deceive you – the knit is made of soft 100% Mongolian cashmere, so it is designed to support the toasts of the wearers. In fact, I only wore this vest during summer tops in the middle of 60 to 70 degrees, and sometimes I still felt my pits sticky. I also recently watched a three-hour film in an intensively air-conditioned theater and felt that this vest provided the perfect amount of warmth to combat this appalling level of “corporate office air conditioning.”

It is worth mentioning that the silhouette of Jenni Kayne Cocoon is so popular that it is available in other materials and fibers, at lower prices (cashmere cocoon remains the warmest option and is the most expensive at a price of 445 dollars). Next, Hunter tours the entire collection of Jenny Kane vests to find out how they differ from each other.

Jenny Kane sequin vest,, $ 345 $ 293.25 (with promo code)

What the brand says: “This is the first Cocoon we launched in the fall of 2019 in a cozy combination of fluffy, textured Italian yarn in the colors Taupe and Willow,” says Hunter. “While the silhouette remains the same, we are now making Cocoon from cashmere, cotton, alpaca and we have even launched new iterations such as Cable Cocoon and Cropped Cocoon. Obviously we can’t get enough of this. “

Hype: 5 out of 5 stars and 3 reviews on

What customers say: “I love this sweater very much. The color is stunning, pleasant and warm – perfect for those cold summer mornings where I’m from. It works a little bigger. I have XXS and it is still very spacious for me. I still love him and I will not change anything about it. “

Jenny Kane Cotton cocoon vest,, $ 345 $ 293.25 (with promo code)

What the brand says: “Perfect for spring and summer; easy layering with everything, ”says Hunter.

Hype: 4.6 out of 5 stars and 17 reviews on

What customers say: “This is my favorite layer. I live in the cashmere version and I was excited that it came out of cotton.

Jenny Kane Cable vest with cocoon,, $ 395 $ 335.75 (with promo code)

What the brand says: “It’s a textured image of our cocoon,” says Hunter. “It’s ultra light, but fluffy and cozy and great for fall / winter.”

Hype: 4.4 out of 5 stars and 5 reviews on

What customers say: “I love that JK returned this version to Cocoon. Although softer than cashmere or sublime alpaca, I prefer the beautiful knit fabric of this version, which is perfectly cozy. The blush registers as warmer personally and is the best new neutral. “

Jenny Kane Alpaca cocoon vest,, $ 345 $ 293.25 (with promo code)

What the brand says: “Super soft alpaca blend, which is great for transition time. Healthy, but without the extra weight, ”says Hunter.

Hype: There are no reviews for yet

Jenny Kane cut out a vest with a cocoon,, $ 325 $ 276.25 (with promo code)

What the brand says: “It’s a mixture of wool and cashmere and has a light harvest. “We just started this style and the whole team is obsessed,” says Hunter.

Hype: There are no reviews for yet

Jenny Kane Cashmere cocoon vest,, $ 445 $ 378.25 (with promo code)

What the brand says: “The iconic, best-selling sweater – and the warmest option. “Very luxurious and easy to wear,” says Hunter.

Hype: 4.9 out of 5 stars and 114 reviews on

What customers say: “I try not to use this sweater as pajamas because it is so soft and cozy. The sweater is a great piece that you can wear over a dress in the office or over jeans anywhere else. The construction and design are complex and fall on your frame very well. I get compliments on the sweater all the time. “

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