Facebook has reportedly slowed its development

Facebook may be working on tons of products behind the scenes, whether as devices or apps or services. However, it seems at the beginning of an explosive whistleblower report, the Wall Street Certificates (paywall) says Facebook has decided to stop its development work.

Facebook isn’t stopping the entire operation, it’s not fair, but it looks like Facebook heads of departments will be examining products the company is developing to see if it could further damage the company’s reputation, such as whether none may generate further criticism and may adversely affect children.

A good example could be the recent Instagram promotion they would have stop developing on Instagram for Kids status, but this report suggests that other products may also be affected. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg seemed to be referring to this in a long post.

Zuckerberg said, “I believe that as long as we keep trying to do the right thing and provide experiences to improve people’s lives, it will be better for our community and our business. I asked leaders across the company to take in -depth insights into our work in several areas over the next few days so you can see everything we’re doing to get there. ”

Since we don’t know exactly what Facebook can do behind the scenes, it’s hard to predict how it will affect end users for now.

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