Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation’s Youth Professional Committee will host an Autumn Gala on November 5th

New York, NY (October 6, 2021) – Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research announced today that the Young Professionals Committee will host the FALL GALA on Friday, November 5th At the Classic Car Club in Manhattan. The event, which pays homage to the Brock Pierce Foundation, will feature music by DJ Kyle Kxtz along with other exciting surprises and notable guests.

Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation’s Young Professionals Committee’s FALL GALA was created in an attempt to get young professionals back on track and fight for inequality. The proceeds from the FALL GALA will benefit Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation’s music therapy program and cancer research. Tickets and tables can be purchased here Angels Foundations website.

Presented by sponsors Newmark and Knotel, Nightrise will host an exclusive lounge at the event. The Porsche and Brandt Jackson Foundation will join forces as the Golden Sponsors of the evening. The New York Smile Institute is the Silver Sponsor of the evening. Chopin Vodka, Forever Young wine, Josh Cellars and Root Out Whiskey are the wine and spirits of the event.

Guests at the fall gala will receive Racing Unleashed with an exciting racing experience with a state-of-the-art simulator to make you feel like a real F1 driver on the F1 track. There will also be an opportunity to bid for the simulator at the Charitybuzz online auction, including art, travel, experiences and more. The auction will take place from October 28 to November 11 Charitybuzz.

“Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation Cancer Research is honored to be a great team of young professionals working to promote our cause. It’s a pleasure to return to the events in person and look forward to a safe but fun night to raise money for key reasons,” said Denise Rich.

Chairs for the event the event features Andrew Warren, Arleigh Banner, Brendan Brown, Julia Moshy, Kyle Lutnick, Natalie Jackson, Conor Kennedy & Ava Dash, Alex Assouline, Danielle Naftali and Remi Bader.

Advice Chairs They are Ayaan Ahmed, Alex Ulvsgard, Chimere Cisse, Lidiya Maltseva and Thomas Pierce.

Board members are Ada Placencia, Ada Wu, Anna Zege, Ava Dash, Charlotte Bickley, Christopher Werley. Corey Zaretsky, Emma Holzer, Erika Santos, Ethan D’Spain, Hugh Barton, Jamie Grimstad, Jocelyn Chew, Joel Phil, Jordan French, Lucas Castellani, Melrose Bickerstaff, Micheal Pascal, Mireya Rios, Nancy Moeller, Naomi Abraham, Oksana Tkachenko, Olga Gomonova, Ryan Thomas Roth, Teresa Tiso, Zakiya Ansley, Sami Sage, Ryan Thomas Roth, Kyra Kennedy, Noor Pahlavi, Serena Kerrigan, Ming Lee Simmons, Remi Bader, Makenzie Moon Phelan, Hayley Hasselhoff, Moti Anarki, Ambra B, Timo Weiland, Will Conte, Brooks Nader, Gaia Matisse, Morgan Halberg, Abby Silverman, Savannah Engel, Julius Barnathan, Dylan Geick, Samantha Cohen, Jackson Krecioch, Sarah Burris, Pritika Swarup, Jake Flieschman, Reya Benitez, Monika Clarke, Ezra J William , Ava Sambora, Alexander Hankin, Steve Gold, Rosa Crespo, Claudia Oshry, Ben Oshry, Barton Cowperthwaite & Sophie Thoerner, Audrey Peters, Jack Brinkley Cook & Nina Agdal, Ally Shapiro, Stephanie Nass, Maha Hussain, Sydney Sadick, Edo Ferragamo, Brooks Marks, Patrick Fin n egan, Abigail Breslin, Victoria Brito, Angela Simmons, Claudia Krogmeier, Roma Abdesselam, Lizzie Asher, Mike Tommasiello and Marta Pozzan.

All guests must show that they have a complete vaccine against COVID-19. Guests are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after the end of the COVID-19 vaccine vaccination series. Accepted vaccine registration forms include: Excelsior Pass or digital issuance provided by any other government; Photo of the physical insertion card or physical insertion card.

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