German Retailer Unveils Pricing Of Google Pixel 6

Google has confirmed that the Pixel 6 series will launch on 19 October. We think that information such as price and availability will show up at those times, but for those who can’t wait for official information, it seems that thanks to German retailer Mediamarkt, the price is phone may show.

This was first discovered by author Nils Ahrensmeier who shared a photo of the price of German goods on his Twitter account. Assuming the store has the correct pricing information, the Pixel 6 will be priced at EUR 649. Note that this is only for the Pixel 6, so we think the larger Pixel 6 Pro is will cost more, but exactly how much is much clearer

The list also revealed the phone’s suspicions, as the dual camera system includes a 50MP + 12MP rear setting, and 8MP facing shotgun. It will also come with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, and a 4,620mAh battery, which is what from what we can guess, the fingerprint sensor.

The list is also mentioned in the picture of the phone which appears to be 6.4-inches with FHD +resolution. There is no way to know for sure if this list is correct, so remember to check back with us at 19 for details.

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