Google Wants To Use It To Better Control Traffic Lights

Street lights help to control street traffic, but may not be the environment-friendly solution. What do we mean by that? Often when at traffic lights, the car stays idle while the light is on. On the other hand, the oil is burning while cars wait for the light to turn green.

This means the fact that motor vehicles are burning firewood for no good reason, then contributing to the damage. However, in Israel, Google has decided to conduct a test where they will use AI to try and make street lights more effective by exploring and observing traffic, because then use the data to try and time the best lights.

Based on the pilot program tested in Israel in partnership with the communities of Haifa, Beer-Sheva and the Israel National Roads Company, the company said by using AI, they noticed a decrease in 10- 20% reduction in fuel and interval consultation time. In a way this is possible, because if a car can go from side A to side B without stopping, the amount of fuel expended is in theory small.

Of course, having full -fledged electric vehicles will solve this problem, but unless the whole world makes 100% transmission to electricity, we think electric vehicles will continue. become a habit for the foreseeable future. Google says they now plan to take this system and test it in Rio de Janeiro and they are in talks with other cities around the world.

File c Wide >Green. Read more about AI (Technical Information) ma Google. Source: reuters

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