KinoTek Digital Health Platform closes the $ 2.1 million seed round

KinoTek, a digital healthcare platform, has closed the $ 2.1 million Seed Round Lake Ninth FundAn initial risk fund that invests in ambitious and innovative creators and companies in the sports and healthcare technology industry.

KinoTek has developed an easy-to-use platform with proprietary technology, among other things 3D display and quantitative measurements so that physical therapists, chiropractors, and strength and conditioning coaches can capture and document movement data in 5-10 seconds and then display it to clients to share and discuss.

“We’ve brought a new dimension to visualization that allows for rapid data capture and interaction between clients in the widest range of clinical movements,” said Justin Hafner, founder and CEO of KinoTek.

Hafner has a degree in Kinesiology. When he was a collegiate swimmer he suffered a weak shoulder injury and was frustrated by the lack of data or instructions on what to do with his body during treatment. Together with his friend Hafner and eventually David Holomakoff, founder of KinoTek, he is a biomedical engineer working in a research laboratory to develop augmented reality solutions for medical professionals.

“We’ve talked to a lot of movement clinicians who have confirmed that they will use a faster, easier, and more objective tool in addition to their usual goniometer,” Hafner said. “The real value, in addition to objective data, is the display that attracts customers to be part of their recovery. KinoTek offers customers the ability to immerse themselves in the rehabilitation process. For clinicians, data is automatically captured for easy access to the patient’s record and allows them to make data-driven decisions when giving treatment. ”

KinoT, based in Portland, Maine, was selected from nearly 500 startups evaluated leAD Lake Nona accelerator program and is the first graduate to receive significant funding from the Lake Nona Fund.

“We are excited to be a key investor in KinoTek in this round, and look forward to working with Justin and his team to drive innovation in the digital healthcare space,” said Thomas Rudy, director of the Lake Nona Fund. “The company’s team and technology are very impressive and well positioned to be a major driver in motion analysis.”

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