‘Metroid Dread’ is abandoned by boring robot villains

leaning robot design to fall into one of two camps. At first, they resemble us; In the second, they look like tools, their bodies molded for a specific function. And like gadgets, this second camp of bots—the smartphones of the robotics world—tends to look very similar and requires some thought on the part of their designer to elevate their personalities above that of a can opener. Metroid dread On the Nintendo Switch Don’t get away with this trap: it’s a cool and scary game hampered by boring robot villains.

metroid It is one of the most revered and most popular series on nintendo List. The games follow Samus Aran – best of all in a puffy orange spacesuit – a bounty hunter who rarely collects her bounty. It all started in 2D, with metroidIt was released in 1986 on the Nintendo Entertainment System. This, and later a sequel like Super Metroid And Metroid Fusion, their own type, known as Metroidvania, which is part of metroid And Castlevania Games that mix Mario platforming with Zelda Explore anywhere. (Samsus adventures usually take place on vast and deserted planets.) In recent years, the series or And Hollow Night Showed that the genre is far from anachronistic, but the three-dimensional versions of metroid, running from behind the eyebrow of Samos, overshadowed their two-dimensional counterparts. because Metroid Prime 4 It was put on hold after Nintendo controversially halted a project for Bandai Namco in 2019, metroid panic Release, the first new 2D metroid After 16 years, it feels like an attempt to calm frustrated fans.

This story follows the events of Metroid Fusion. In that game, a parasite known as X steals the powers of Samus and reconstitutes himself as the soulless and murderous doppelgänger. Samos eventually triumphs over this duo, believing that she has eliminated the X parasites in the process. Unfortunately for the universe, Metroid dread It opens with a video broadcast from an unknown planet showing the globular parasite afloat. Samus launches into her spaceship and is instantly smashed by Chozo, a member of an ancient and technologically advanced civilization of bird-like creatures that has left ruins across the galaxy. When Samus awakens, she suffers from “physical amnesia” – yes, as usual, you have been stripped of most of your abilities. Your task has become more difficult.

metroidThe aesthetic has walked a fine line between the cartoon — to appeal to a younger Nintendo audience — and the moody Gothic brand. Fiction. He was stronger when leaning towards the latter, and fear no different. The game is beautiful when it’s creepy: blue glass tunnels divide the rotating lava columns; Abandoned exotic temples lie under purple leaves; Sparkling white light streams through useless rotating vents. The 2D perspective lets developer MercuryStream do some pretty amazing work in the background, and those perspectives stand the test of scrutiny as you casually jump into a 3D perspective.

The gameplay is classic Metroidvania, sharpened to perfection. Samus retains its cannon, and fires small balls of light when Y knocks. This detonator, along with allowing it to vaporize any wildlife that patrols, such as goomba, along the walls and ceilings of the space station, also opens doors. Because Metroidvania games are all about doors. They are dollhouses of locked rooms that can only be unlocked with new skills: Spider Magnet allows you to scale the glowing blue walls; The invisibility cloak allows you to slip through gates powered by security cameras. The key to these games is that they constantly require you to double yourself back up to progress – and for the seasoned among us, to get all the cute power-ups and rocket power-ups. Great Metroidvania titles have always provided key lessons in game design: the player feels that their exploration is independent; In fact, they are inadvertently designer dolls.

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