The 15 most popular costumes for Halloween with blonde hair

There is a cliché that claims that blondes have better fun and whether you are a natural blonde or not, there is no time more appropriate to test this theory than Halloween. Inspired by iconic TV characters like Daenerys Targaryen to real icons like Britney Spears or celebrities who just do Halloween right (we watch you, Winnie Harlow), blonde hair (or a good blonde wig) creates a lot of fun, instantly recognizable costumes for Halloween.

As a natural brunette who is afraid to bleach my hair, Halloween is the perfect excuse to satisfy my longing for the blonde beach waves. This year, use your blond locks as inspiration for your costume or run to the store to pick up a wig. Whether you’re looking for a suit, you can throw together the pieces in your wardrobe or hoping to test our creative skills, we have 15 popular Halloween costumes with blonde hair that range from easy to expert.

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