The world’s largest wind turbine with a capacity of 14 MW starts operating

GE Renewable Energy recently announced that The prototype of the Haliade-X 14 wind turbine started operating at 14 megawatts. The prototype is installed in the port city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Only 10 months ago, the company had announced a 13 MW wind turbine which can power a house for two days with one turn. The recently announced turbine is an upgrade of this version and now GE will begin measuring the energy it generates to prepare for its certification. GE’s Haliade series of turbines started in 2019 with a 12 MW version and the company seems to be making rapid progress in increasing production.

When we first launched our Haliade-X prototype in November 2019 at 12 MW, we made a big leap forward in the industry,“Vincent Schellings, the company’s chief technology officer, said in a press release.In the last two years, we have learned a lot about the operation and performance optimization of our Haliade-X platform, which has allowed us to increase the Haliade-X platform to 14 MW today.

The company claims that a turbine can generate 74Gigawatt-hours (GWh) of energy per year and will save up to 52,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. Larger wind turbines are preferred in the renewable energy sector as they help reduce construction as well as maintenance costs without affecting wind farm production. Each blade of the Haliade-X 14 measures 351 feet (107 m) long and the turbine is 853 feet (260 m) high, New Atlas reports.

The 14 MW turbine is already provided for commercial installation at the Dogger Bank offshore wind farm, located 80 miles (130 km) northeast of the coast of England. GE has been commissioned to supply 87 Dogger Bank C turbines, and when combined with its predecessors, Dogger Bank A and B, it will become the world’s largest wind farm.

GE’s recent announcement made the company the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer, but only for a short time. We announced this last month Based in China Mingyang Smart Energy Group announced its 16 MW wind turbine which is expected to be presented next year.

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