These innovative technologies will park your car for you

With a robot parking, fully automated parking or hydraulic lifts, parking can be easy.

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Driving is fun and time consuming to master. Angle parking, perpendicular parking and parallel parking sometimes take longer and some drivers feel particularly challenging. If you ever feel like you’re good at driving but don’t believe in your parking skills, the following technologies are here to help.

For example, there is this parking robot called Hikvision, and it will park your car for you. Just park your car right on top of it and it will do the rest by moving it to the right place at the right angle. It can carry up to 3,000 kg (6,610 pounds) and its 360-degree laser sensors allow it to monitor its surroundings, avoiding other robots to park around.

Then comes fully automated parking, which calculates the dimensions of the car and parks it in a suitable place. Clean! Not to mention the amazing hydraulic elevators that can pick up cars and park them up to 3.3 tons underground.

And more to come. Watch our video above to find out!

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