Twitter Starts Testing Its ‘Heads Up’ Display On iOS And Android

Comments and discussions on Twitter can be volatile at times, especially when issues are more contentious or divisive. While a healthy conversation is a good thing, sometimes people can lose themselves in the heat of the moment and do bad things to other people who may have an opposite opinion.

That’s what Twitter woke up to last month announced a new “Heads Up” look it means letting users know they’re ready to jump into a dynamic conversation, and now recently, Twitter has started testing the feature on its iOS and Android mobile apps. This means that some users should start to see warnings if they make a comment in a conversation that is too heated or likely to be heated.

It’s unclear how Twitter describes a post that might trigger a heated discussion, as based on the topic spent on it that might trigger a provocative discussion among Twitter users, when make it a matter that desperately needs to be produced. the ideas and answers for him to think are strong or hot.

Either way, it’s an interesting tool and it remains to be seen if these types of evidence might encourage Twitter users to be more thoughtful with their thoughts and responses, especially because there will always be trolls on the website who deliberately try to intimidate others.

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