2 Ways to Get iPhone 13 Pro Macro Camera Mode on Older iPhones

Apple announced the new iPhone 13 series early last month and the Pro models of the series came with some amazing improving cameras in past generations. One improvement is the “Macro Mode” in the camera that has been missing from iPhones so far. But it’s limited to just the 13 Pro series, but what about those with more iPhones? Thankfully there are a few ways one can use to get the iPhone 13 Pro “Macro Mode” on older iPhones.

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Get iPhone 13 Pro ‘Macro Mode’ on Senior iPhones

The new wide -angle lens on the iPhone 13 Pro also brings a 2cm macro mode. But you can still enjoy using photos on older iPhones. Read on to find out, how!

Halide Software

Popular as its third-party camera app for iPhones, Halide has announced a new feature that brings macro mode to the app. And, these Halide app subscribers can use macro mode, but they still have to use the iPhone 8 or later models.

Click market images to use your old iPhone:

1. Undertake the revision of Halide Mark II program

2. Open the app and click on the “AF” button to start the autofocus mode.

3. Swipe to the right on this, and you will see a “flower” icon (Macro Mode), tap on it.

Once Macro mode is enabled, the app will automatically select the lens that has the closest focus.

How does this work?

Halide App calls its Macro mode “The Neural Macro mode”. By default it uses 2x digital zoom as you capture images of an object and capture details such as Macro shots. In addition, the neural engine of Apple’s chips is still being used to run its website, which increases the loss of detail in an image. This works in 2x as well as 3x mode.

So if you have an iPhone 8 with later models, this app can use your phone’s neural engine for its upscaling methods and can shoot macro uniforms. If you have an iPhone 13 Pro model, the app uses the neural mode offering to deliver more macro images than the stock app.

Sample cameras

Here are some demo cameras using the Halide Macro Mode app on the iPhone 12 Mini:

The Halide app is available on the App Store for free download. However, its enrollment starts at Rs. 269 ​​per month and Rs. 1,099 for one year and seven days free of charge.

External Macro Glass

Another option to do macro capture using your iPhone camera is to use an external macro lens. There are many good macro options available that can support your iPhone.

SKYVIK Signi Pro 2 in 1 (Wide + Macro) clip

If you live in India, this lens may be perfect for your desired capture outfit on older iPhones. It also comes with wide lenses that make it more useful.

Buy at Amazon India

USKEYVISION Macro Lens for iPhone

If you are outside India, you can buy a good tonic based uniform on the review agent. This is one example from Amazon US.

Buy at

And here’s another way to click Macro photos on your iPhone.n Just install external lenses in the main camera module and start exploring your photo capture skills.

As a matter of fact, both methods are free and you have to spend a little money for those good macro uniforms. And what do you choose Tell us in the stories below!

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