5 Ways to Improve Google Lens Control on Android

Google Lens is an excellent software that allows users to be their real -world vision partner. With the help of this program, you can copy texts from your findings, simplify your homework, and can also translate live text into 100+ languages. But, many Android users in the past have reported some specific issues while using it. These issues range from the error message system to the inability to translate words through the app. In this article, we will tell you how to improve it.

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Improved Google Lens Support to Android

If you have faced any situations on your Android phone, the first step to try should always be reuse of the device, if the issue persists because, you should follow simple steps.

Injury activates Google Lens

In some cases, users reported that the Lens app does not start itself. You can resolve this issue by manually activating Google Lens from Google Help. Follow these simple steps to achieve the same.

  • Long-press the Locker to activate Google Help
  • Available on compass sign in the lower right -hand corner of the screen to open the Environment Tab
  • Available on Crystals icon to the left of the microphone at the bottom
  • If the program is not already tested, Use ‘Startto move the glass hands

Update the Google Lens App from Store

This method involves updating the Lens App from the Google Playstore app to fix and fix some bug fixes released by Google. Update the software,

  • Open the Google PlayStore App
  • Search for Google Lens
  • Available on label
  • If you look at Updates Click on the App icon, then Tap on it.
  • When you look at Open Click on the App icon at that time, it means your app has been updated.

Clean up the glass files

Sometimes the Android app malfunctions and misbehaves due to having too many cache files. In such a case, the files associated with the app need to be cleared. To clear cache data from the Lens app, follow these steps

  • Long press the Lens App and click on it Information information
  • Get it up Food Storage
  • The data cache associated with the Lens app will be displayed here
  • Get it up Clear Data and select the Clear cache option to clear all file files

Check Approved Software

Many users have reported that component translation in Google Apps is not active. A quick resolution of this issue is to check and issue appropriate program permissions. You can provide relevant instructions to the Google Lens app via the steps below

  • Long press the Lens app from your app drawer.
  • Get it up Information information
  • Dad Authorization Software
  • Turn on Allow for Cameras, Speakers, and Storage

Remove Application Data from Lens App

If the software window on your smartphone is still building issues after trying all the above steps, then try Remove all Computer Software. To do this, follow these simple steps

  • Long press the Lens icon and scroll up Information information
  • Get it up Food Storage
  • Get it up Clear Data
  • Select Delete all data

Wrap it up

In this article, you have learned about the issues that are happening with Google Glass on Android and the different ways you can configure it to work properly. If you find this article useful, hit like, and don’t forget to share this article with your friends. As always, stay tuned for more articles like this.

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