7 Trends from Paris Fashion Week that everyone will wear in 2022


Givenchy; Copernicus; Lanvin

The last stop on world fashion tour, Paris blinded us once again with a full list of shows and presentations on the tracks. As a destination that has long been home to a number of storey fashion houses and famous designers, the city of lights is the place to go when you want to witness real fashion, with the capital letter “F”.

After a year of virtual presentations and digital guides, the designers launched their latest collections with a mountain of remarkable moments; The Simpsons appeared in Balenciaga; Miu Miu showed us the true meaning of micro-mines; Cardi B turned out the streets of Paris in abundance of glances. But there were a lot of great clothes and accessories between the viral moments – our eyes are still so well absorbed.

With heavy players like Valentino, Givenchy and Dries Van Noten in Fashion Week, you know you’re ready to predict age trends. After analyzing the collections, we limited it to the 7 trends that were simply too dominant to be ignored. From glittering sequins to rebellious takes on elegant aesthetics and more, pay attention because they will be in your face throughout 2022.

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