Apple Wants To Make CarPlay More Than Just An Infotainment System

Apple’s CarPlay now feels more like a glorious infotainment system. It makes the best infotainment systems available, with the ability to connect to an iPhone to display messages, notifications, and more, but at its core, it’s still a kind of entertainment system.

However, it is a report Bloomberg it has been revealed that Apple wants CarPlay to do more than that. According to the report, Apple is looking at CarPlay’s ability to control the car’s features and features, such as A / C with interaction with the car’s dashboard system and clusters of devices.

Apple appears to be working on a system that allows CarPlay to enter functions such as in -car climate control, speed, radio, and even car seats. However, since many of those actions have been developed by the developers themselves, Apple needs the cooperation of the developers to pull this off.

There are rumors that Apple is looking to build their own cars, so this approach could be another option for those who may not want an Apple car, but need Apple deeply integrated into it. of their cars. That said, the report suggests this project is still in the early stages of development there may be some time before we see it.

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