Are Selena Gomez and Chris Evans dating?

Selena Gomez kept a pretty low profile this week, last will be filmed on October 1. But Chris Evans, who followed her on Instagram, was enough to provoke a report We weekly,, The sun,, and a gossip blog Nicky Swift for fan theories that the two may be romantically related.

Some on Twitter said the two were seen leaving the same studio and restaurant at different times in tweets posted on October 1, but there is no documented evidence of this. In fact, their paparazzi photos of the supposedly same places are actually old photos of Gomez (one of them is to leave the studio in October 2019. and another is leaving Pilates in November 2017.) and Evans (one is from the summer of 2020. when he was with the rumor then Lily James in London and another has been with him since October 2013.), which appear separately with similar environments, which are in fact different places. In the actual October 1, 2021 photos that the paparazzi took of Gomez later that day, she was with a friend and hugged her boyfriend goodbye.

Evans recently followed Gomez on Instagram, but she didn’t follow him. Both are publicly unattached, although their personal relationship statuses may or may not be different. The two have never been photographed together, nor are they in announced projects together at the moment, according to theirs IMDB pages.


chris evans follows Selena gomez, but selena does not follow chris


The reactions on Twitter for the most part are just people struggling to make it happen:

This content is imported from Twitter. You may be able to find the same content in another format or find more information on their website.

This content is imported from Twitter. You may be able to find the same content in another format or find more information on their website.

Gomez, We weekly pointed out if I was talking about falling in love with Evans in 2015. “Somehow I fell in love with Chris Evans. Is not he cute? He’s very cute, “she told Andy Cohen Watch what happens live with Andy Cohen then. She added that for the first time she shared her love for him: “Oh, man, he will either hate me or love me.”

In June, talking source Fun Tonight about why Gomez wasn’t looking for a serious boyfriend at the time. “Selena is very traditional, she would like to find ‘her man’, get married and have a family one day,” the source said. “[But] she is not looking for anything serious now and is in no hurry to establish herself, as her priority continues to be her health, career and philanthropy. She has worked so hard on her physical and mental health over the last few years and knows that she must be the healthiest version of herself if she is to share her life with anyone else, so she will only be in a serious relationship when she feels is ready. “

Gomez herself talks about being single in March and the attention that comes with dating her after filming CCP scenes with her on screen. Only murders in the building Aaron Dominguez’s love interest sparked rumors that they did occur in real life.

“We just started working together. Honestly, I thought, “No wonder the boys don’t want to go out with me!” Gomez told Los Angeles Times. “I think people are only interested because I’m young and the older I get, the less they care. For now, this is part of the job I don’t like. In fact, I’m thankful I’m not engaged to anyone right now. “

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