Casey Musgraves wore a leather corset with bare shoes for $ 80

Celebrities wearing expensive designer shoes are suitable for the course, so when someone comes out in a pair at affordable prices, our ears are definitely raised. Casey Musgraves just offered a great idea if you want to buy a pair of cool heels under $ 100: Aldo’s Dark brown Acaeclya sandals ($ 80). In case you’re wondering, this is a confirmation that yes, “naked” heels with transparent details still happen.

In the form of a real celebrity, she mastered the mix of high and low level with a dress that hit two different popular trends-corsets and faux leather — but also included wallet-friendly shoes. Musgraves wore Miaou Leia Vegan Leather corset ($ 265) and Junior vegan leather pants ($ 430), which is an expensive but great investment if you ask me. Scroll down to shop for Casey Musgraves’ latest outfit.

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