Developer Converts His Dual iMac G4 To An M1 iMac

The Apple Mac computer has certainly grown a lot over the years, where we’ve seen Apple go from using PowerPC to power their Macs, before switching to Intel, and now it looks like since Apple has decided to go in -house with their own Apple Silicon chipsets In fact, earlier this year Apple updated its mainframe, the iMac, with a brand new design with the M1 chipset.

However, it seems that manufacturer Colby Sheets decided to do a bit of tinkering by removing the M1 chipset from the Mac mini and planting it in the vintage iMac G4. The iMac G4 was first introduced back in 2002 with a base circle and a monitor on it and is one of the best Apple models we’ve seen.

In the video above, you can see Paper depicting his creation in what appears to be a perfect blend between space and the present. Sheets said this creation commemorates the life of Apple long -appointed Steve Jobs, who Sheets thought took pride in the creation.

Not sure how hard it is to remove the M1 chipset from the Mac mini and put it in the iMac G4 and set everything up, but we have to say it looks cool.

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