Grit Daily’s Miami Blockchain and NFT Summit have been acquired by NFT BZL, FTX Arena.

The news is new! Grit Daily’s Miami Blockchain & NFT Summit was acquired by Mana Tech’s NFT BZL on November 30, 2021 at the FTX Arena (formerly American Airlines Arena) in a monster event played by the Miami Heat.

FTX Arena, the first American Airlines arena. Grit Daily x FTX BZL will be held on November 30th.

The Miami event at Grit Daily was acquired; Speakers at FTX Arena

The basic basis for the Miami Blockchain and NFT Summit, which will be held by Grit Daily, was scheduled for December 1, 2021 at the prestigious Versace Mansion with the participation of speakers who have played a full role in the growth of the blockchain and NFT ecosystem. . List of speakers for the current event:

Wayne Scot Lukas, The main fashion designer behind Tina Turner and Janet Jackson, launching NFTs;

Bill Gladstone, a famous literary agent of the stars, including Deepak Chopra and Marie Kondo;

Scott and Marla Berger of Addison Taylor Fine Jewelry, generated NFT diamond auctions including 11.91 carat physical diamond;

French Jordan, Founder and CEO of Grit Daily;

Andy Krainak, President of the NFT franchise juggernaut, VeeFriends Along with the best artist Warhol Gary Vaynerchuk;

George Lang, Peabody’s award-winning journalist and owner Patty Hearst’s “court draft” and the USS Arizona II. Behind the evil “underwater sketches” of World War I historical memories;

Tatiana Koffman, Forbes columnist and CIO of Koffman Capital;

Rachel Wolfson, CoinTelegraph and famous cryptocurrencies and much more.

* NFT BZL’s loudspeaker is up to its team, so our audience should go to their show and also indicate the date change by November 30th.

NFT BZL events with industry-exclusive insights aimed at providing company executives, creators, agents and blockchain enthusiasts with a passion for NFT space, the organizers saw an opportunity to create something bigger and better for speakers at Grit Daily’s Blockchain and NFT Summit (for an undisclosed amount).

The joint conference will now go by the name NFT BZL and will be held November 30 instead of Dec. 1, at the home of the Miami Heat: The FTX Arena. The stadium, which had the designation rights acquired by the FTX cryptocurrency exchange, will host this year’s blockchain, NFT and Web3, the most important event in the region. Attendance is expected to be more than 1,000 people at a time and thousands throughout the day.

Who got the Grit Daily event?

Mana Tech Downtown Miami is an organization focused on working with the technology community to drive innovation in the local technology industry, created by multimillion-dollar real estate developers and developers. Moishe Mana. He has helped transform his efforts Miami to achieve much more than a tourist destination by relocating technology startups, businesses and entrepreneurs from technology centers like San Francisco and New York.

This merger will add Mana Tech’s network and experience to an already extensive list of Grit Daily’s Miami Blockchain & NFT Summit partners, including media outlets such as BlockTelegraph, True Hollywood Talk, Disrupt and Action & Ambition.

The NFT the market reached its highest level of moth sales in September this year with sales of $ 1.7 billion according to NonFungible. Starting to apply technology to collectives and games in other areas, its potential is expected to grow in the coming years. Now, technology experts are running to understand, apply technology, find new cases, and network with those who are revolutionizing the industry, enabling events like NFT BZL.

Are there still seats available for sponsors at the Miami event and (V) VIP Dinner? Still.

For those sponsoring the event, please contact Jordan French directly For some of the best collaborations at Miami Art Week.

Grit Daily (V) will host VIP Grit Daily x BZL NFT Speaker’s Dinner Dinner on November 30 from 7pm to 10pm.

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