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What do you have this weekend? On Sunday night, I go to England to see me aunt and grandmother! We checked the trip four times in the last two years, but in the end, Alex and I decided I just wanted to travel Cornwall on my own. (She stays home with the boys because they are still unable to get vaccinated.) I can’t wait to wrap my arms around her these beautiful ladies. We hope you enjoy it, and here are some links to the website …

Excavation A new podcast by Seth Rogen.

Salt caramel apple crackers, yum.

The “black lady therapist” is still a TV crowd, but now they have greater depth.

This coffee subscription it is very good. (Do the quiz here.)

You would wear it pan ilea?

This is your children’s school and even though your husband appears on the emergency contact form, you, mom, we need you“.

Very cheap art.

An experiment in saving my baby-inspired experiment“. Would you try it?

Logos with a twist.

Beautiful trees around the world.

And great news: Primary School Children it provides early access to the sale of its Friends and Family. Use the COJ30 code with a 30% discount on your entire order. (We love these!)

Also, four reader comments:

Carmen says what funny words your kids say wrong: “My kids used to call high heels” capital shoes “and it still cracks me.”

Elizabeth says what crowded recipes you know: “Boursin cheese. That’s it. That’s the recipe. Dress up an elegant dish, choose your bowl chip (bagel, nozzle) and watch the crowd turn wild. ”

Allie says what funny words your kids say wrong“Not the baby, but the baby: When Alzheimer’s made its way to his grandfather’s memory, he would come up with creative alternatives to words he didn’t remember. When he couldn’t think of a ‘garden hose,’ he called it a ‘water cable.’

Kate says my friend Jason’s breakup advice: “The best advice for my breakup is to read the Jo Cup and immerse yourself in the comments! A few months ago, I had a big breakup, and in the first two weeks, I just went through the archives. There are so many treasures, and break comments comments section It’s what really showed me that my life was going to move forward. ”

(Photo Hilary Horvath Flowers.)

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