How emergency landings are performed safely

Emergency landings in water have a 88% survival rate.

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There’s one word you don’t want to hear on a plane, and that’s Mayday. Indeed, we hope for your good that you have heard only this word, called in the movies: maydey, maydey, maydey.

Why? Because this is the warning signal that an airplane must make for an emergency landing. There are many reasons why an aircraft must perform such a maneuver, but most are related to health problems or bad weather.

Maybe pilots should land planes on the roads and highways or even on water. When the last case occurs, it is called a discard and has a survival rate of 88%. Scary!

Although you hope to never be in such a situation, you are probably wondering what an emergency landing looks like. In this video, we offer footage of these types of landings, including a landing made on water.

We also discuss the engineering and technology that makes this landing as safe as possible.

How can an emergency landing be avoided? How can they be fulfilled to perfection while reducing the risk of someone being injured on board? What protocols should the aviation industries avoid? similar scenarios? We answer all these and other questions.

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