Inventor is building a Magnus effect aircraft with strange aerodynamics

Any rotating solid is capable of this effect in flight.

You may have seen the Magnus effect in action, but chances are you’ve probably never had an explanation for it. This is actually a widespread phenomenon that occurs when a rotating object moves through a liquid. When the element rotates, the route deviates differently than when it does not Magnus effect, footballers can bend a soccer ball in the neck around a wall of five people, or baseball pitchers can deliver a broken pitch.

In this video, inventor James Womsley builds a Magnus-effect aircraft with a remote control with a cylindrical rotor driven by an electric motor. Interestingly, such aircraft with the Magnus effect use a “strange” aerodynamic effect to create lift. After realizing that such a plane lacked knowledge, he decided to learn how to do it himself and share it with the world. Watch the video attached above to see how it all turned out. And have fun as usual!

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