Justin Bieber and Diane Keaton (!) Join forces for a tearful, heart-warming, brilliant modern music video

The premise of Justin Bieber’s new music video for his latest single “Ghost” is pretty clear. It’s even touching: Bieber plays a grandson who takes care of his grieving grandmother after his grandfather’s death. But the way the video actually unfolds – starting with the fact that his grandmother is played by no one but Diane Keaton – is where things get pretty crazy. It’s like a sweet, albeit hallucinatory movie by Nancy Myers, only instead of sick kitchens there are amazing outfits.

Bieber is standing on the beach, dressed as Saint Laurent. In retrospect, Bieber spends time with both his grandparents, he is in a retro striped and striped Balenciaga jeans, Keaton in her own Comme des Garçons coat. Years after the funeral, Bieber, wearing her pearl, cheers Keaton with the hugs of Gucci she wears as they take pictures and dances together in a candle bar before returning home, where Bieber controls Keaton, who slides a dating app. on cheese. plate and glasses of red wine. Together they drive to the Ventura beach with a vintage Corvette to throw their grandfather’s ashes into the sea. Suffice it to say: she’s in a Gucci coat and he’s in an Aimé Leon Dore cocoa leather jacket.

It’s definitely not what you’d expect when we say “fashion music video,” but it just makes sense that a music video starring Keaton and Bieber are both style maveni by themselves, they would win your own Vogue writing, a breakdown of the toilet is included. Keaton has to wear all her favorite things — hats with wide brims, tinted glasses, big belts — which makes sense because she obviously brought most of her own clothes for decorating. (Apparently she’s also a longtime believer: “I like this boy,” she said in a poll Ellen appearance in 2015, minutes before real life, Bieber jumped out to surprise her by default Ellen fashion.) Meanwhile, Bieber gets his A moment of Balenciaga. We shed a tear – two. What not to like?

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