LL Bean Boots: Get your pair before they sell this year

The original LL Bean boots

Supreme,, Jesus, and LL Bean Boots: all things that will sell out with absolute certainty if you don’t act fast. And until these damn scientists find a way to turn influence into heat, only one of these elements is so practical that there is a real reason to act now. Like, right now.

Bean boots are sold out every year and you can’t talk about why they are so sought after without singing praises. The way the boots are immersed in water without leaking would impress Captain Nemo. In the same way, snow cannot be compared to these beasts. Instagram photos above them are just as reliable an indicator of a fall as Pumpkin Spice Lattes. The way they combine tank-like indestructibility with what I like to describe generously as a funky style is the most pragmatic reason to be disappointed if you wait to assemble them.

First invented by Leon Leonwood Bean – they just don’t call people what they used to be – as an “antidote to wet feet.” The boots the bottom is rubber so that no water comes out, and the top is leather. It’s a funny looking combination, but this unique look made it a recognizable icon American fashion. Bean first fused the leather and rubber components together in his brother’s basement. They now use more modern machines and techniques to fight the 50,000 people waiting who accumulate over the winter.

One thing that hasn’t changed: bean boots are still made in America, although the number of things made in the country is declining. The company has produced the boots Maine since their creation in 1912 and even today everything is done by hand through a combination of almost 400 people. To make only one pair, a combined 85 minutes of work are required. LL Bean doesn’t suppress quantity to create noise – they just can’t handle the demand. The high quality of production creates a shoe that will last you many winters and LL Bean legendary “guarantee” means you could easily make the last pair of boots you’ve ever bought – as long as you buy them in a hurry.

A 1912 advertisement for Bean boots read, “Outside of your gun, nothing is as important to your clothing as a foot shoe.” I feel comfortable saying we can cut the first half of that sentence. And if nothing is more important to your outfit than “shoes”, then what are you waiting for?

Below you will find a selection of all the classic bean boots that are still in stock this fall, as well as a few collaboration editions by Todd Snyder.

The classic bean boot

LLBean Bean boots

The Bean shoe, a true icon of New England and still your most reliable option when shit really hits fans in time.

The bean boot, lined with Shearling, for severe winters

LL Bean PrimaLoft 8 “bean boots with lining

Loafer low toe shoe

Ll bean bean bean rubber moc

The 16-inch high-thigh boot for a really standout

LL Bean 16 “Maine Hunting Shoes

Todd Snyder ‘s leather boot

Leather bean boots LLBean x Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder bean wax box

LLBean X Todd Snyder wax boots made of fabric beans

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