Margo Robbie wears a black shirt and almost invisible micro shorts

Paparazzi took a rare look at Margo Robbie’s causal style yesterday when the actress was spotted carrying out orders in Los Angeles. Robbie put it down stylish twist of cozy stylewearing a big black shirt on a jumpsuit and black fuzzy slides. She was wearing a black Chanel bag for twisting high fashion.


Robbie talks British Vogue for her August issue of her life now and her decision to delay a little. “I don’t know if it’s because I’m in my thirties now, or because life has taken … a very strange turn,” she said of considering a change in lifestyle. “Because of COVID, I’ve been home longer than ever. I’ve been moving at a million miles an hour since I can remember. “

“Sometimes it can feel a little scary,” she said of what it looks like to stop. “But now I finally feel it’s good to sit still?” Or even sit on this one. I have never experienced this feeling before. ”

She is also considering where she would like to pursue her career – and her ambitions to do some work behind the camera. “I want to direct,” she said. “I would like to try to write. These would be huge challenges that, frankly, I may not be able to overcome. I also think that directing is a privilege, not a right. But I have a story that has been running through my head for years. And I have to put a pen on paper and see if it looks ridiculous or not.

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