The 12 pharmacy concealers approved by the editor

The beauty industry has convinced you that the best concealers come with a solid price – and you couldn’t go wrong. While high-end concealers are great, the best concealers can be found on a trail of your vitamins and detergent. Pharmacy concealers hit all her claims: camouflage pimples? Check. Hide dark circles? Double check. They work so well that your friends will ask if you’ve just stopped reading the news at all. So, although we can’t fix everything in this world, we can offer the best concealers you can get at a beauty pharmacy, go ahead.


16HR Camo Concealer

Creme de la creme from pharmacy brands, Camo Concealer by ELF Cosmetics has a creamy formula and a perfectly designed applicator, plus two different coatings – moisturizing and matte – which embarrasses your favorite high class.


Perfect for lightening healthy skin, SPF 25

Vitamin E, antioxidants, chamomile and soy work to brighten and remove these annoying bags under your eyes, while the leakage brush applies the perfect amount of product for a flawless finish.


Mega Latest Incognito AllDay concealer with full coverage

The magic that this concealer does makes it hard to believe it’s only $ 4. This pharmaceutical product has full coverage, so it can be used without foundation to hide impurities and blends seamlessly with your other makeup artists.


True color Flawless perfect concealer Toast

Built as a lipstick, the Black Opal concealer has a pointed tip that fits perfectly around the corners of your eye to cover all foundations.


HD Pro concealer

Everyone has had an LA Girl concealer at some point in their lives because it’s so good. It’s a long way to go with this concealer. Plus, it has an extensive range of shades, so you’ll be able to highlight concealer and contour with multiple shades.


Conceal + Perfect Longwear Concealer

Being a regular concealer with full coverage is one thing. But Milani hides while nourishing the skin with hyaluronic acid, shea butter, olive oil and more.


Unmistakable Full Wear waterproof concealer

If you are a fan of foundation, the concealer will be your new favorite. The applicator is large enough to help you sculpt your entire face. You do not need to worry about its release, because it is also waterproof and resistant to transfer.


PhotoReady Candid Antioxidant Concealer

Concealer with anti-blue light ingredients? Revlon talks to the influential person on social media in all of us. No need to worry about dark circles or puffiness, this concealer erases everything.


Concealer Fit Me

This concealer hides flaws, but allows the real ones to shine with their light but effective coating. Reviewers suggest using a darker shade as a contour and a lighter shade as a highlighter because the formula works so well together.


High resolution photo corrector bench

Photoshop in a tube. The full coverage formula can cover the worst of the breakthroughs and rivals of Nars’ favorite cult concealer, but at a fraction of the price. It continues smoothly without sticking under your eyes, which is a key indicator of a great concealer.


Instant Age Rewind Eraser Concealer for treating dark circles

Dark circles disappear with this concealer thanks to Gogi berry, which brightens the area under the eyes and leaves your face illuminated for up to twelve hours. Tip: Spend the remaining twelve hours of the day asleep to get rid of these dark circles forever.


ColorStay concealer

The salicylic acid in Revlon’s ColorStay concealer is the biggest enemy of the pimple, as it eliminates blemishes in no time. The treatment and coverage are equal to happy skin. Cover yourself now, then say goodbye forever.

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