The best guide to the 20 best lip balms with SPF, according to a dermatologist

Ah, sunscreen – perhaps the most important step in our morning skin care.

We all know the importance of SPF in preventing burns, wrinkles and health risks, but do you protect your lips? After all, the skin on your lips is as delicate as the skin on your face and is susceptible to all the dangers of exposure to UV rays. The solution does not have to be complicated. In fact, you probably already use lip balm on a regular basis, so why not choose one that is sunscreen?

Dr. Karan Lal FAAD, a cosmetic dermatologist in New York and New Jersey, explains, “I only recommend physical blockers like zinc because they don’t cause itchy lips or hives that can be seen with chemical sunscreens in this area. I’m also looking for hyaluronic acid. and / or glycerin because they add extra hydration. EltaMD SPF Lip Balm 36,, Sun Bum SPF 30 lip balm,, Coola Mineral Liplux. The one I use personally is the peach scent Coola Mineral Liplux! ”

Dr. Lal’s golden rule? “I’m looking for SPF 30+,” he says. “Nothing less.” While you may think that lip balms are hardly the most glamorous products in the range of lip products, these SPF options offer a lively color wash and the shiny sheen can just change your mind. Next, we’ve put together the top 20 SPF lip balms on the market that moisturize just as well as protect your bloating.

UV lip balm with SPF 36

EltaMD’s waterproof, UV lip balm checks all cans. One SPF-conscious reviewer said: “This is the highest percentage of zinc oxide I can find in a lip balm that doesn’t look white on my lips. It remains transparent and is very moisturizing.

SPF 30 Sunscreen lip balm

Experience your next beach holiday with the six summer scents of Sun Bum lip balm. Known for their range of sunscreens, there is no doubt that their lip balm, formulated with aloe, vitamin E and SPF 30 protection, will certainly keep your puffiness looking young at a price that is hard to beat.

Liplux mineral lip balm, organically colored, SPF 30

Slide forward for some healthy color! Coola’s Liplux SPF 30 features mineral sunscreen and mongongo oil for nourishing nutrients. One reviewer is thrilled: “It’s so smooth, moisturizing, it looks good and it smells amazing! It has always been difficult for me to find an SPF formula that works and provides the necessary moisture, and this one even has beautiful subtle colors that look natural. “

Sunscreen for lips SPF 30 Tube

Aroma and gluten-free, Vanicream SPF 30 sunscreen for lips is the perfect sunscreen solution for sensitive skin. Keep your lips hydrated while zinc oxide forms a reflective barrier on your skin, protecting your lips from harmful rays.

Lip screen SPF 50

The cult cult brand for clean skin care, Paula’s Choice, is here for all your needs of moisturizing lip cream. This mineral sunscreen without fragrances and scents is perfect on its own or as a base. One reviewer shared: “As a colored woman, I like this not to leave a white gloss on my lips. In addition, this balm works perfectly with other lip products or makeup.”

Lip oil SPF 30

Kiehl tinted oil, made with coconut oil and lemon oil, not only gives you a pop color, but also deeply hydrates, while providing broad-spectrum SPF 30 protection against UVA and UVB rays. “Moisture lasts all day and is great to wear alone or under lip gloss and lipstick,” advises one reviewer.

Supergroup! Lip screen SPF 40

Containing ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil and vitamin C, Supergoop’s 100% invisible, non-sticky gloss adds a layer of SPF 40 protection and a touch of gloss to your puffiness or lip color. Reviewer shares: “Strong gloss with SPF on the top of my lipstick is perfect. It does not change the color of the lipstick, it is smooth, not shiny, it is perfect in every way! ”

Lip protection and sunscreen SPF 30

Aquaphor needs no introduction – oh, how we love our healing ointment, but this version, filled with SPF 30, may have stolen our hearts. One reviewer said, “I love these things because they are very moisturizing, clear, without white castings, and wear very well on and under the lipstick. It looks like a rich, glossy lip gloss.

Unforgettable sunscreen color protection balm SPF 50

Colorscience is known for its sun-focused beauty products with unsurpassed protection. This color balm boasts SPF in addition to the smooth, building pigment that comes in three shades. Use it to moisturize your lips, and while you’re at it, try it on your cheeks for a fresh glow!

UV Protective Lip Treatment SPF 30

Have you ever wondered what the perfect cross between a highly effective sunscreen and a velvety lip pigment would look like? Probably as SPF 30 Clé de Peau lip protection therapy. This luxurious tinted balm is made with Asian ginseng extract and vitamin E to reveal flexibility and is finished with a natural rose scent to make you feel extremely elegant every time you apply again.

Moisturizing transparent lip balm SPF 30

Protect your puffiness with an elegant color, thanks to the geniuses from MD Solar Sciences. Created with ingredients such as shea butter and avocado oil, this intensely moisturizing lip balm offers a build-up, long-lasting color.

Protective lip oil SPF 32

Brush On Block is based on the idea of ​​making sun protection easy and comfortable and doesn’t get much easier (and beautiful!) Than this SPF 32 lip oil. Presented in 3 shades and developed with rich emollients such as vitamin E, argan, castor and sunflower oil, this gloss plays a double action as it nourishes and protects.

Sunscreen lip balm SPF 45

Keep some of your childhood in your bag – think of the smell of a banana boat struggling to perfect your sand castle – with its protective lip balm. Aloe vera and vitamin E work to condition your lips, while the water- and sweat-resistant SPF 45 protects.

SPF 30 Lip Repair

Nourish your lips with this raised Context Skin lip balm tube, a truly pure beauty brand. In it, sunflower, extra virgin olive, hemp seed and vitamin E work to nourish your skin. And of course, SPF 30 works to prevent any sun damage.

Liplux Organic Moisturizing Lip Oil SPF 30

Channel out the early outs – think of charming pink stray bags and flip phones – with Coola SPF lip oil. The texture and finish are the perfect transparent gloss, which emphasizes your lush lips, while protecting them from any harmful rays.

Sunforgettable Lip Shine SPF 35

Colorscience does it again – this first beauty brand with sunscreen offers you the perfect tube of lip gloss without compromising on protection. Choose from three shades or choose a transparent coating for hydrating shine.

Sunscreen lip balm SPF 30

Salt & Stone’s high-performance botanical skincare line is here with what looks like the perfect lip balm. With shea butter, sweet almond oil and bisabolol, this balm, rich in antioxidants, is sure to soothe as much as it protects.

SPF 45 lip balm

CoTZ has been dedicated to mineral sunscreen for nearly two decades, so you know that your lips will be protected with SPF 45 lip balm. With an invisible shade to prevent white film when applied and a delicate kiwi-lime scent, this waterproof stick will keeps your lips looking and smelling best.

Maximum humidity SPF 30

Formulated with coconut oil and the antioxidant-rich Kakadu plum, Australian gold SPF 30 reliably softens our lips and prevents sun damage. A long-time loyal reviewer says: “I ride a motorcycle with a helmet with an open face and I have always had a problem with sunburn on my lower lip. This is the first glass I’ve ever found that prevents this.

Sports sunscreen lip balm SPF 50

The classic Coppertone sunscreen is available as a lip balm. Designed specifically for active use, this tube with a nourishing sunscreen product offers a waterproof SPF 50 for up to 80 minutes.

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