The incredible fashion explosion of “squid game”

In the middle of the first episode of Squid game, the Korean thriller, which is currently about to become the most watched show on Netflix so far, our hero throws himself into a panopticon with pink shades, full of hundreds of other people wearing identical outfits: a tracksuit with a deep purple stripe, marked with participant number, from 001 to 456 and a pair of white sneakers. They are soon joined by a much smaller team of staff dressed in fuchsia, somehow low-rise nylon overalls, their faces hidden by masks with buttons to control the game. (Has Kanye seen these already?)

Since its release on September 17, like every true contemporary TV hit, the thematic and visual elements of the show have been constantly spreading: DIY-or-else dalgona candy, massive weapon robot doll, and now even the normcore uniforms worn by Game456 crushing debt “players” who fight to the death (literally) to win a prize of 38 million dollars. According to data collected by the retail aggregator Desire, global search for tracksuits inspired by retro (+97 percent), white sneakers (+145 percent), red boiler suits (+62 percent), white T-shirts with numbered numbers (+35 percent) and even colored tunnel (+130 percent) ) jumped after the show came out. The vans were the most watched sneakers on the Internet in the last week. (Maybe we don’t expect the show’s sudden popularity, Netflix ignores the inclusion of identical adjacent tracks in its official collection Squid game merch.) In the Capital-F Fashion news, Louis Vuitton named one of the show’s newest stars, Jung Ho-yeon, as his newest brand ambassador yesterday. Established print and track model, including at Vuitton since he became runner-up Korea’s next top model in 2013, Jung made her acting debut in * Squid Game— * and in almost three weeks of the show’s premiere, the number of her Instagram followers jumped from 410,000 to over 16 million.

Upgrading a new hit streaming show is nothing new – we saw this dynamic in a game with so many different shows Strange things and Bridgerton. Halloween, which is a few weeks away, is an almost certain factor here and let’s not forget Soprano revival of a tracksuit, remains strong. (The easy jump in the browser section from a streaming platform to an online retailer makes this an even flatter feedback loop.) But there’s something a little strange about a trend that stems from a show whose plot is so deeply anti-utopian – or, as with Squid game, explicitly sending out the vices of capitalism. I remember strange moments like Kylie Jenner’s The maid’s tale-themed birthday party, or these few weeks when people really came in wearing tonal red-orange outfits like the real members of the Rajneeshpuram cult documentary series The wild wild side. But again, speaking of Kanye: c the era of fashion entertainment, perhaps the trends that arise from the disturbing pop culture are the only trends that make sense anyway.

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