Viber Email Alerts For Group Chats

Losing messages is a very confidential option if you want to have conversations that are not recorded or saved in chat history. Viber has a few lost features for each of its conversations, but for those who expected to see it arrive for group conversations, it’s because of Viber’s recent announcement that you might be interested.

The company has announced that they will be bringing lost messages to its discussion groups. The company says, “When it comes to setting up missing messages in a chat group, users don’t need to go through the multi-step process to change the status for messages in the group. With the Viber feature , members can change the top and bottom in the discussion itself. ”

They add, “With enhanced functionality, Viber users can set up messages in a conversation group to disappear 10 seconds, one minute, one hour, or one day after reading, offering more options than ever before. other programs look different. “

For those who are worried about people going forward trying to take a screenshot, don’t worry because Viber has in -app protections to prevent that from happening. The look should be passed on to users as we speak to make sure we have the latest app to put to good use.

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