What does ‘No Time To Die’ box office mean for the future of theaters

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Even before its release was postponed COVID-19 closures, No time to die It was supposed to herald the end of an era. Guaranteed to be the last film in which Daniel Craig will play James Bond, it was not only intended as a farewell to one iteration of 007, but also an opportunity to fill in a new movie. Fleabag Creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge created the script; Newcomers to the Bond films, Lashana Lynch and Ana de Armas, promised to move the franchise beyond the Bond girls. It was time for a new phase of double cinema 0. Then this ending was suspended.

Ultimately, the release date No time to die It will be changed four times as coronavirus restrictions are lifted and theaters reopen with caution. For a while, it looked as if delays could erode the franchise, taking the wind off Bond’s sails. Now, on the film’s first full day of release, it looks like he might be ready to do a better job than he would have in those busy days of Spring 2020. According to Reporting the deadline007, directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, is conservatively expected to fetch $60 million domestically at the box office this weekend. Ambitiously, there is a chance of exceeding $90 million, a number that will be even better after closing local record who – which Poison: Let there be a massacre Published last weekend and 88 million dollars opening sky fall hit in 2012.

Like everything that’s happened in Hollywood lately, this is cause for cautious celebration only. Opening weekend box office for movies like No time to die Since the release of nearly Black Widow in July. But even so, movie theater attendance hasn’t been what it was before the pandemic. Every time cases of Covid-19 increase – or something like a delta variant appears – people’s reticence about multiplying multiply increases. With coronavirus cases declining in the United States, there is a possibility that people will head out to see the new Bond movie. But there is also speculation that since it’s a 007 movie, it might be Attract an older demographic Who was less willing to go back to the cinema than my fans, for example poison.

There is also the fact that No time to die It is released exclusively in theaters. unlike Black Widow, which was simultaneously released on Disney +, or upcoming Dune, which will hit HBO Max on October 22 when it hits theaters, Craig’s final outing as Bond is just theatrical — with audiences pushed to see her in IMAX. (FWIW, I’ve seen it in IMAX, and it was so worth it.) For all the folks who’ve waited over a year for this release—and over five years since then. ghost– Wanting to see this at the opening weekend promises to be strong.

Another point in no timeSaleh: It’s very good. Critics were introducing the film good grades, and the end of Craig’s Bond era, it’s a powerful era. As of this writing, advance ticket sales have been excel These are from F9 and new poison. There is even some speculation about the possibility of the film Achieving nearly $100 million This weekend at the local box office. Ultimately, a single weekend may not make much of a difference when it comes to the global fate of the movie visitor, but at a time when Hollywood is seeing its own culture reset, the launch of a property as old as the 007 movie could be an indication of things to come. This may be the time for Bond to thrive.

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