9 fashion trends that are rooted in Latin culture

I don’t think anyone would agree when I say that our hectic lives have so many implications for our fashion choices. On the one hand, we have never been more connected globally than we are now. The fact that a writer like me in New York can publish a story about what people in Milan wear the same day or reveal an emerging brand owned by Latin America and to call it before the world is a beautiful thing. But on the other hand, we consume and carry new trends faster than ever, and this is often to the detriment of understanding the context that brings this fashion trend to life (also known as its history).

So today we take a closer look at the cultural history behind several now famous fashion items – each of which has its roots in Latin culture. It can not be said that the following nine pieces only originates from Latin culture, but an important piece of their history comes from it and that is why we are here to celebrate. We knocked Jennifer Varela Rodriguez, a fashion writer with a master’s degree in fashion research from Parsons, to share her idea of ​​the background of several popular fashion items, some of which you may already have in your wardrobe.

Latin culture is vast, of course, and includes cultures that span 20 countries and multiple continents. So the legacy of fashion items ahead, including gaucho pants, saddle bags and bolero, is as nuanced and versatile as the cultures that gave them to us. With this, keep reading to discover the background of nine popular trends and see how fashion people wear them now.

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