Apple now wants to appeal the results of the Epic Lawsuit

The Apple VS Epic claim is there more or less than already. Neither side actually won because for the most part, the judge’s decision didn’t change anything, except for one important point that forces Apple to allow proprietors to reinstate users in other settings. payments and websites.

This allows developers to gradually pay Apple their 30% cut, which is a huge plus especially for apps that are raking in millions of dollars a month. However, it seems that even though Apple won nine of the ten lawsuits brought to court, the company hopes for a full victory by appealing the final reading.

On appeal, Apple said, “Apple is working closely on a number of complex issues around the world, seeking to improve the flow of data while protecting both the quality of the App Store’s functionality and the security and privacy of users. Apple’s purchase. Clearing the right balance could potentially resolve the Court’s concerns that law -making (and perhaps Apple’s own appeal) is unnecessary. “

It is strange that Apple is trying to appeal this, especially since as part of the antitrust system established in Japan, Apple will allow the development of software readers to include a link that takes users to an external website to edit narratives. Apple also stated that this will be used in apps around the world, not just in Japan.

However, the decision in the US is more inclusive compared to what Apple agreed to in Japan, and perhaps that is the issue that Apple is taking. Now, Apple isn’t alone in trying to appeal the decision as Epic has done before announced their plans to appeal as well.

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