Apple Watch Series 7 Week Time is rolling out to the middle of the end of November

First order of new Apple Watch Series 7 has been launched and they originally planned to ship it to customers by 15 October. However, if you haven’t pulled the trigger, then you might be in for a wait.

Because according to a report from Bloomberg, it looks like delivery times for most Apple Watch Series 7 models are starting to slip at what consumers seem to be waiting for anywhere between 2- 3 weeks for some samples, but other samples now see about a 5 week (if not longer) wait.

That means, instead of being able to get your hands on one right now next week, some customers may end up waiting until mid or late November. That said, there’s a good chance this isn’t due to the new most popular models being the reason they’re selling them.

If you remember, there were stories about six case production was recently classified, which means Apple doesn’t have enough stock on hand to ensure enough supply for the October 15th launch. We think these delays should be eased in the coming months, but for those who haven’t pre -booked when the live order starts, there’s a good chance you won’t get it in the next week.

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