Cleaning the ocean has just taken a colossal pile of garbage out of the ocean

In September 2021, we introduced you the launch from the world’s first ocean cleaning system led by a Dutch non – profit organization, aptly named Cleaning the ocean. At that time, Ocean Cleanup called System 001 and headed for Great piece of Pacific trash, an oceanic accumulation of so much garbage, often called a garbage island.

The garbage island is twice the size of Texas and is considered the largest area in the world of ocean plastic, estimated to contain up to 1.8 trillion pieces of debris.

Then we tracked all the achievements of the company, including the deployment of new ships. It now appears that System 002’s latest system has collected a fresh batch of garbage. Cleaning the ocean make the message on LinkedIn.

“BREAKING: the last test of System 002 has been completed and we have another big catch on deck. Large Pacific debris can now be cleaned. The crew is already sorting the catch and a lot of information has to be processed. Stay tuned! “said the post.

Founded by Boyan Slat, who dropped out of university, The Ocean Cleanup has designed and created a truly revolutionary unique system that is ideal for ridding the oceans of hard-to-reach floating plastic.

The system (ie System 001 and System 002) uses large floating tubes of sturdy plastic that sit on the surface of the ocean in a U-shape that allows them to trap plastic debris as they swim. The waste is then collected with the intention of being recycled.

The system also has a sturdy nylon screen attached at the bottom, which can trap plastic below the surface without trapping or damaging marine life. This is an ingenious system that will soon be able to see our oceans cleansed of what was once considered an insurmountable problem. Well done cleaning the ocean!

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