Google Search has now found A Built -in Guitar Tuner

Google search has evolved over the years, instead of just directing users on websites for answers, Google has built in features to give you the answers you need in web search. page itself. For example you can make currency or unit conversions, calculate numbers, find the price in offerings, and more.

Now it appears that according to a report from Android Police, Google has built-in a guitar tuner in the search results. Ideally guitarists should have their own guitar tuner, but in case you need to tune your instrument on the go and you don’t have a tuner with you, that’s where this look came from.

All you have to do is type in “google tuner” in the search bar and you should now be presented with this interface. This will work on desk as well as mobile. This feature isn’t new since before, Google Help still has something similar built in, but in case you’re not using Google Help, it’s a good choice.

Your microphone needs to be enabled in order to pick up sounds from your guitar, so you have to rely on things like your volume and noise. This probably won’t replace dedicated guitar tuners anytime soon, but as we said, it’s more of a ‘badge.

File c Wide. Read more about Entertainment, Google ma Music. Source: androidpolice

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