Google Wants To Make Outbound Messages Between iOS And Android Most Secure

With iMessage, Apple allows iOS and macOS users to send a message to each other. However, this is a different story when sending messages on the phone from Android to iOS and vice versa because it will only be sent as a regular text. That means they are not very secure at the time of broadcast.

However, Google wanted to change this recently in a tweet by Google’s SVP Of Android, Hiroshi Lockheimer, that management indicated that Apple should use the Rich Communication Services protocol (RCS).

For those unfamiliar, the RCS protocol was designed to be a substitute for standard SMS. It also had to be a level agnostic option to other messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and iMessage. Because right now, those services are what you need if you have an iPhone, or sign up for a Facebook / WhatsApp account.

Unlike SMS when you have a mobile phone, phone number, and a mobile network, you can send and receive SMS out of the box. Google has been pushing the RCS agreement for a while now and so far, most platforms in the US have agreed to accept it.

Apple is one of the few big tech companies still holding out, but we can’t say we’re surprised that iMessage could be an incentive for customers to buy Apple products and take advantage of its environment.

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