IMILAB Watch W12 Review: Experience-rich But Cheap Smartwatch

Smartwatches have become as much a part of our everyday lives as smartphones, as every day millions of people buy their first smartwatch, not a smart watch. How come? Because smartwatches have become cheaper these days. Today I am going to review one cheap Chinese smartwatch called IMILAD (or IMILAB) SmartWatch W12, which looks better and lasts longer for the price to come. But there are letdowns as well. And let’s start with the review, and find out it’s really worth it?

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IMILAB Watch W12 Configuration Box

The first thing you’ll notice about this watch is the simple but nice look on the inside, giving you an overview of the product. It is strange that the box mentions the name IMILAD, but the list on the site mentions it as IMILAB for a number of reasons. IMILAB is a company that makes pants for popular brands like Xiaomi. Go to the case pack, where you find the following:

  • Watch with a snapper
  • Extra straps
  • Charger magnet
  • Documents

Build THE IMILAB Monitor W12

The IMILAB Watch W12 comes with a Zinc Alloy Case, while the back is made of soft-touch polycarbonate leather that fits all the flashlights. So the Watch W12 is lighter because it weighs only 57 grams. With this, the IMILAB Watch W12 also comes with an IP68 rating to keep dust and moisture up to 1.5m per hour.

The IMILAB Watch comes with only a 46mm dial size, which is a short cut if you’re looking for a smaller watch for something more versatile. With this, the Bezels occupy a lot of unwanted space, making the overall form part much larger if you have a small or medium-sized wristband.

Display OF IMILAB Watch W12

The IMILAB Watch W12 comes with a 1.32 inch Color LCD Display with a resolution of 360 × 360 pixels, which makes the text clean and tidy. You can adjust the brightness of the Watch W12 and it has enough brightness to read even outdoors. The watch shape can be Customized to suit your style. The capacitive touch panel is quick to touch answers, without touching too late but don’t expect to be the same as those of high-end premium smartwatches.

Part of Health The IMILAB Watch W12

The IMILAB Watch W12 is almost what we expect from an affordable smartwatch made on the health front. Whether it’s 24 hours to monitor the heart or 24 hours to see blood Oxygen (SpO2), sleep deprivation, the clock that got you covered. In addition, the watch comes with 13 sports activities such as running, jogging, gym, yoga, canoeing, and more. We also have an integrated Women’s Health section, so women can keep track of their monthly cycles. All of these can be searched from the watch, or from the App.

Software and Privacy The IMILAB Watch W12

You need to download the GloryFit app to install the Watch with your Android or iOS phone, as the app works on both Android and iOS. Software is required to update the watch’s firmware. The best thing about the app is you have to create a login in order to use the app or check your health information. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t support data sharing with Google Fit, which means that’s a big bad thing.

Other Smart Features The IMILAB Watch W12

Going to the smart feature offered by IMILAB Watch W12, we can check Notifications program but not be able to respond to them from the clock, call reminders, Reminder reminders, set your morning or evening routine, stop , stop the music playing on the phone, locate our phone, and can also get weather information (based on the location set in the app, because the watch does not have an inbuilt GPS).

Live stones of IMILAB Watch W12

Since the IMILAB Watch W12 does not come with GPS, we have the best battery life. During the period of our use, the 330mAH cell had almost 25% loss left, after 20 days, and the full charge could take almost 25 days. It’s enough time to forget where you stored the charger, which previously found it easy to charge the watch using the pogo magnet.

Final conclusion

If you’re looking for a cheap smartwatch around $ 50 (Rs. 4,000), then IMILAB Watch W12 would be a good choice to go for, as you get 24 hour heart rate and SpO2 monitoring, and comes with IP68 throw for water and swim reasons. Also, the IMILAB worked well on battery life for almost a month, but still clean the watch for a warm coat. It also has a larger and shiny display to look at, and the Zinc Alloy gives it a much better appearance compared to other options available in the same range. My only concern is the size of the watch, if it had a 42mm or 44mm size it would have been better for different wristbands.

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