Meet 8 ‘Media House’ at SXSW

This year is almost over and we have less than 6 months left to get through one of the biggest events in the film, technology and music industry. Of course, I’m referring to the South by Southwest Festival (SXSW), an event that has been taking place since March 1987 in Austin, Texas.

Together 2020 edition as it is canceled and the 2021 edition is being done online, SXSW is ready to return as a face-to-face event in 2022. Customers (virtual or face-to-face) can enjoy 10-day conference sessions, networking, screening, exhibitions, tutor. sessions, competitions, music jams, showcases and more.

As vaccination efforts progress, Covid-19 remains a major concern. Therefore, the organizers of the event will work closely with the Austin Public Health authorities to ensure the safety of the assistants, making the event as normal as possible.

Austin is ready to welcome thousands of people from all over the world once again, as every city celebrates innovation and creativity … And 8 media outlets that have joined the celebration in previous editions, among others, could join the side events. in early March. It’s time to meet them!

Aita Fort

Fader Fort is one of SXSW’s most popular and highly anticipated showcases, an event that is only for invitations that include live music performances. This 4-day party is organized by The Fader, a New York magazine that has been working on the music it is creating and its way of life for years. It’s not without reason that they pair themselves up “around what the authorities are coming for”.

Aita Fort.

Fader Fort has seen several important figures in the music industry take part in it, including Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Travis Scott, Usher, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Cardi B and many more. If you’re planning to party and get to know the next generation of artists, Fader Fort is for you.

In 2020, there was Fader Fort all online. Usually the line for accessing the personal version is around the block. While tickets are not yet live, subscribe you can get them as soon as you release them.

Grit Daily House

Organized by Grit Daily, this 9-day event is the perfect place for entrepreneurs looking for an “indie” or “old school” version of the old SXSW. With highly exclusive content with brand activations and great panel discussions that highlight the local community, Grit Daily House caters to customers who want to learn about future brands or are interested in continuing with the world of entrepreneurship. Located in New York City, Grit Daily has become a major news hub in terms of technology, entrepreneurship, fashion and finance. All of this experience is back in its space at SXSW, along with panel and other events, with some of the most important media actors.

Grit Daily,
Grit Daily House.

Located one block from “The Spotify House,” Grit Daily House will host the event again this year. There’s wine, food, panels, music, games, tech demos, networks and parties on the list … and if you’re into any of them, you should join. Networking, doing business, keeping up to date, eating good food and partying … Who can you deal with?

In 2022, NFTs will be highlighted, investing in cryptocurrency through fintech, and a large number of celebrities.

CNN’s Clubhouse

CNN Clubhouse SXSW Credit CNN John Nowak |  Inspiration for designing events, Designing events, Inspiring design
CNN Clubhouse. Image: Pinterest.

Being one of the most popular media outlets in the United States and the world, CNN has been unable to withstand the opportunity to participate in previous editions of SXSW. While the media giant was primarily focused on organizing themed parties, its Clubhouse SXSW participants were the perfect place to hang out with journalists and CNN executives … And of course, the party!

CNN Clubs Run Rev. and unites people like Biz Markie without fail to attract partygoers. If it’s still unclear whether CNN will re-enter after attending SXSW, we recommend keeping an eye out for any ads.

Uproxx House

Another event for those who want to go to the party after SXSW day! This 3-night showcase is organized by Uproxx, a digital media company that covers everything related to web culture and entertainment.

This medium is a celebration of innovation in the music and film industry. If you’re looking for small snacks, cocktails and a night of partying, Uproxx House is well worth a visit. But wait! Uproxx House also does live roundtables and showcases if you need an excuse.

New York Times Showcase

The New York Times, a news organization that needs no introduction, moved down to SXSW in 2016, 2017, and 2019 to showcase virtual reality (VR) and music. After the sun set, the NYT made sure the partygoers enjoyed the night after the days of panels, interactive experiences and networking.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the New York Times SXSW. This showcase has shown that it is at the forefront of creating unique experiences for participants, keeping everything stylish and professional, for those looking for something that is temporarily less common.

Fast Company Grill

Fast Company has become one of the largest business media brands and has carried all of its passion for innovation, creativity and design to SXSW for over a decade. The exclusive event opens its doors for 4 days for those who are tech savvy, looking for panels, demos and interactive experiences … As well as lunch and drinks!

If you feel like you’ve been partying too much and are looking for a quieter but more fun showcase, you might want to check out Fast Company Grill.

Inc. Founders House

Another business media giant based in New York, Inc. participated in the 2019 SXSW edition and planned to do it again in 2020 before canceling. The event was aimed at entrepreneurs who wanted to create and grow businesses through networking and engaging talks.

If breakfast tacos, inspirational talks, networking, cocktails, and entrepreneurial stars are your stuff, you should keep an eye out for SXSW Inc. About the Founders House 2022 ads.

Mashable House

The 2018 Mashable House will take you to another dimension
Mashable House.

This 3-day event has brought together people like Hulk Hogan and Cory Booker in the past … as well as the famous Internet Grumpy Cat! It is run by the international media company Mashable, which covers digital culture, and is one of SXSW’s most popular showcases.

If you want to know what the internet would be like in real life, have fun, and have an interactive experience on a key topic that changes every year, you might enjoy Mashable House. Although Mashable has not announced whether it will host the event this year, it is likely to re-enter. Trust us, you don’t want to lose yourself if you consider yourself a full-fledged networker!

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