Windows 11 On AMD Ryzen Processors Is Generating Slower Programs

If you have a laptop with AMD Ryzen hardware and are thinking of upgrading to Windows 11, you should, but you probably won’t do it right now. That’s because you seem to have issues with Windows 11 on the Ryzen process that are causing programs to run slowly.

In a published post on the AMD website, the company Ryzen warns that owners who install and upgrade to Windows 11 may encounter times their old apps. This is due to minor Windows 11 bugs affecting Ryzen’s hardware causing CPU slows by up to 15%.

It also affects the app’s access to the L3 cache by increasing the latency by three times, which means it takes a long time for the app to use memory what it ended up with. affecting its performance. AMD has raised the issue and is working with Microsoft to get to the bottom.

In a statement posted on its website, AMD said, “AMD and Microsoft are currently exploring known issues for solution through new software. This document -based knowledge will be updated to include digital versions and delivery vehicle (s) as they become available. In the interim , customers using compatible AMD programs involved in these issues, may continue to use a Windows 10 support system. ”

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