3 Stunning autumn makeup looks for black and brown skin tones

Before immersing himself completely in Fine’s favorite makeup look, he first wants to make sure your base is in place. “I know a lot of people are used to hearing the terms contouring, underlining and masking, but I don’t think that always speaks to the needs of the consumer,” he says. “First you have to decide if you prefer things like cream powder [foundation], adhesive base or liquid. “

He also acknowledges that not everyone can have a professional on hand to overshadow the match or give advice on what specific product to use for your leather Type. Then you become your own professional. “Read the fine print, find out how the products are sold and what finish it will provide. One of my favorites is the stick base,” adds Fine.

What does Fine always carry in her kit, no matter what? Fashion Fair Foundation for cream with powder ($ 37) and SkinFlex Stick Foundation ($ 37). They were his products for the Met Gala, Emmys and Venice film festivals this year. “I love the sticks because they give me the opportunity to do it [quick] spot coating, “he shares. He even gave a stick to Cynthia Erivo for its ease of use. These basic products really give people with color the necessary coverage, as the shades of shade and the level of pigmentation are just right, according to Fine. Switching between darker and lighter shades is also something he does often, so don’t be afraid to mix people in. This will create a flawless foundation for the rest of your look and is exactly the way Fine starts each type of look. Red carpet.

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