Brave Care secures $ 25 million in funding to improve child care

Brave Care is a pediatric startup in Portland $ 25 million in series B funding to expand its pediatric health and technology platform.

The funding round is led by Mednax and the total funding raised since early 2019 is $ 42.9 million. As a result of the shift, Mednax’s Chief Development Officer, Dr. Jim Swift, will serve on Brave Care’s Board of Directors. Mark S. Ordan, CEO of Mednax, referred to the turn as follows:

“We look forward to continuing our partnership with Brave Care. I was delighted to attend Brave Care clinics last summer. We believe Brave’s team, proprietary technology and full set of services and operating systems provide amazing follow-up to patient first aid and individual and family care. “This is another important step in strengthening our vision as a leader in women’s and children’s specialty services.”

Brave Care, a licensed Y Combinator, was created with the mission of improving children’s clinical care, using cutting-edge technology and data analysis to better address the concerns of more than 21 million parents who are being forced to pay higher and higher prices. the attention children need. The launch has opened pediatric clinics in the United States that are open 12 hours a day and provide 24/7 remote care through a specialized application for phone lines and mobiles.

It is estimated that about 37% of children in the United States have a health condition that requires at least regular checkups, and 25% need urgent care by 2019. opening centers specifically designed to meet the specific needs of pediatric care. Darius Monsef, CEO of Brave Care, said how the funding will help Brave Care fulfill its mission:

“With this exciting investment, Brave Care is now better positioned to open more pediatric facilities across the country, increasing care experiences and dramatically increasing the chances of each child achieving their full potential. “Everybody deserves great care, regardless of the family’s financial situation. We share this intention in collaboration with Mednax. We anticipate a clear opportunity to open more than 100 new clinics in the coming years.”

Given the natural concern that parents have for their children’s health, it is not uncommon to have unnecessary visits to pediatric services and ER services. Allowing easy contact with parents pediatrician in addition to office appointments and emergency rooms through the app and phone service, Brave Care provides parents with 24-hour care to reduce congestion in the regular health system to respond to parental concerns in a timely manner.

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