Kim Kardashian and former Kanye West go together for SNL

Kim Kardashian was in New York all week, preparing for her role as host of Saturday night live this weekend. The high-pressure concert included many late-night dinners and rehearsals, and Kardashian seemed to take the time to contact all his comedian friends to prepare. She is also said to have spoken to her ex-husband Kanye West, and on the morning of Saturday, October 9, the two were seen leaving her hotel together.

Kardashian was dressed in a full-length bright pink coat and got into a waiting car with West before heading to NBC Studios.

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There are rumors that the former couple was considering reconciliationbut West has also performed on SNL repeatedly, to mixed results and said the source And! News that she had just turned to him for advice.

“Kim consulted with Kanye and asked for feedback. She appreciates his opinion creatively and artistically, “the source said. “They talked about different ideas and he supported me a lot.”

The one-time couple were married for six years before Kardashian filed for divorce last February, but were recently seen together at a dinner in Malibu, California, and recently Kardashian showed their support for West’s new album. She arrived at his Donda listening party in a wedding dress and approached him on stage.

“She knows that his mind is full of brilliant ideas and they like to cooperate,” the source continued. “Kanye loves to help and they connect with creative conversations.”

During his first monologue, Kardashian joked about his divorce.

“I have been very blessed in this life and I am grateful for everything, frankly, all the ups, all the downs,” Kardashian said. “I mean, I married the best rapper of all time. Not only that, he is the richest black man in America, a talented, legitimate genius who gave me four amazing children … So when I divorced him, you should know that it comes down to only one thing: his personality . I know it sounds mean, but people keep telling me that comedy comes from the truth. And if there’s one thing I always strive to be, it’s real. “

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