Kristen Stewart stunned in the brilliant Chanel at the premiere of Spencer

Thursday was the British premiere of the new biographical film about Princess Diana, Spencer, starring Kristen Stewart as a princess. Stewart definitely looked like the part walking the red carpet at the London Film Festival in a shiny strapless Chanel dress.

The gray, translucent skirt was sewn all over with sequins, and Stewart wore his blond blond hair down in a long bean. She had a pair of Jimmy Choo open heels on her feet.

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Stewart has wore Chanel during the film’s press conference, starting at the Venice Film Festival last month.

78th Venice International Film Festival 2021

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Spencer followed Princess Diana over the weekend when she decided to break up with her husband Prince Charles during the Christmas holidays in 1991. The trailer, released last month, shows Stewart as Diana, telling the royal family, “There is no hope for me, not for them. “

Later she asks, “Do you think they will kill me?”

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Stewart plays Jack Farting as Prince Charles, best known for his work on the BBC historical drama. Poldark. In the trailer, Charles warns Diana aloud that “you have to be two, you have the real one and the one you’re filming” as his wife cries in front of the camera.

“Every photo or interview I’ve seen with her has an explosive, shocking quality about her that I always have the feeling that you never know what’s really going to happen,” Stewart told Los Angeles Times. “Even when she walks the red carpet, she just feels a little scared. This may be a projection, because we all know what happened. But she’s just experiencing this wild cat. That’s why I wanted to convey this. There is no way to plan chaos. You just have to get into it. “

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